Utility for sgf files: sgfutility

On this page, there are two software described: PILOTGONE 0.8.2 and SGFUTILITY

0. PILOTGONE 0.8.2alpha - 10th of January, 2011

Download here the latest version (alpha). It implements:

  • "Next Game" and "Previous Game" facilities, so that one can solve problems just by using the hard buttons
  • uses the 5-way controller button available on some Palm Devices (like Zire 31 for example).
  • map Game Info, Next Game, Previous Game on hard buttons (from preferences menu)
  • customizable board color

Now it's possible to solve Go problems only using the buttons of the Palm!

There is also the collection Gengen Gokyo as an example .mpa file

I wished these facilities a long time ago, and today I decided to do them myself.
Please mail me at [email protected] for feed-back.

For more information about PilotGOne and for GO on mobile devices in general, please visit the page on http://senseis.xmp.net

1. General information

The files containing GO problems (tsumego) are sgf files. The greatest site is obviously www.goproblems.com.

I use these problems on my Palm device. I am using Pilotgone. Other people use software on PocketPC. Other people use software on mobile phones. It's a great way to solve GO problems in our spare time!

However, there are some issues:

  • some files don't comply with the .sgf format, so PilotGone (or other software you use on your mobile device) does not display them correctly;
  • in some files, some mandatory tags are missing (like SZ[19])
  • most of the problems use only a small portion of the board. On the mobile device the software is displaying the full board, and the stones' dimmension is small; we have to use zoom.

Sgfutility solves the following:

  • Replace White's player name with filename.
  • Replace Black's player name with problem type.
  • Replace date field with difficulty and player to move.
  • Apply auto correction (correct some format issues).
  • Rotate the problems on 19x19 boards to top-left corner.
  • Resize 19x19 boards to optimal size.
  • Change line separator to CRLF (usually you won't need this).
  • Remove players' names, the tags PB and PW (usually you won't need this).

After this operation, I can sort the problems on my Palm based on problem type, difficulty and I can view them at a bigger scale (the boards are resized and rotated to top-left).

Enough with talking. Here are some samples:

00009.sgf (original)
00009_result.sgf (result)
00137.sgf (original)
00137_result.sgf (result)

2. Usage

No need to install! Just download and unzip in the folder with the problems (sgf files). After that, run _runme.bat. You will be asked next what to do with the problems.

Download it from here: sgfutility.zip

3. Other issues

If you have suggestions or questions or just want to provide me a feed-back, please contact me at [email protected]